February 24, 2022 | by HC Mutual

One of the many goals of any average earning adult is to own a home and furnish it. Investing in your very first home can be considered as one of life’s most important milestones—a symbol of independence and financial stability. But what happens when you find yourself a new dream home in the future? What will you do with the current home you have?

Most homeowners only have need for one home at a time. Maintaining upkeep for two homes may prove to be too expensive, especially for first-time homeowners. When you find yourself wanting to upgrade to a bigger and better home, set up your old property for sale. Similar to upgrading gadgets, it’s best to sell your old device in order to make way for something better, and in order to get your money’s worth, it has to be in good condition. Same goes for houses. You have to maintain your house’s condition in the event that you want to sell it to someone else. Here are some tips for new home owners on how to protect the value of your home.

Protect your home from pests.

One of the biggest deterrents to prospective buyers are termites. Termites are pests that burrow themselves within the structure of your home and eat it from the inside out. One instance of termites within your home can be detrimental to its value, so you have to make sure your house is clean from termites or you won’t have a house to sell. Many pest control companies offer termite removal services to help you secure your home in no time.

Other pests like rats and insects can also be a turn off for prospective buyers. Make sure to regularly check your home for any invasive pests that can cause damage or disease by placing traps, or having professionals handle it.

Schedule regular electrical
and plumbing maintenance

Keeping up to date with the maintenance of fundamental house components is very important in preserving its value. Due to daily usage, some structures like piping and electrical wiring may be damaged in time. In some cases, wiring and water system faults may also cause more damage to other parts of the home, like its structural integrity. So before selling any house, be sure to have a professional survey and inspect your house’s electrical condition and to check its water systems condition, and make repairs if necessary, to make sure they are safe and functional.

Maintaining the exterior of your home

While maintaining the inside of your house is important, one mustn’t forget the importance of maintaining your house’s exterior. Potential buyers will be interested in the look and design of a house when viewed from the street, so conducting minor exterior maintenance regularly is a must for any homeowner.

Consider repainting your house’s exterior if the old paint has started chipping away. Updating your house’s color scheme to a more modern taste can also help attract Consider repainting your house’s exterior if the old paint has started chipping away. Updating your house’s color scheme to a more modern taste can also help attract more buyers. If your house has a front yard, you can start by trimming the grass or reworking the stone/gravel path.


more buyers. If your house has a front yard, you can start by trimming the grass or reworking the stone/gravel path.

If you’re setting up your property for any open house events, you may find yourself stressing about cleaning whenever a buyer wants to survey the inside of your property, so consider scheduling regular cleaning. This will not only help maintain your home’s atmosphere while you live in it, but also help preserve its property value. Well maintained homes have a better chance of selling at higher prices due to the appeal and the atmosphere it exudes.

Make sure you have the right
insurance coverage

Before you open up your house to potential buyers, be sure to double check the coverage of your property insurance, especially since natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes are unavoidable when living in a tropical country. If your house is covered with the right insurance, you can assure your property’s value will not go down even when a calamity strikes. Making sure that your house is covered by insurance will help ease your mind and your potential buyer’s mind as well.

Plan on updating your house every few years

You may find yourself wanting to decorate your home to have it more personalized to your tastes. If you find yourself the type of person who might want to upgrade to a different house, instead of personalizing, try updating your house’s features every few years. The appliances and furnishings found in the house can be one way to both cater to your want of personalizing while also updating and upgrading your house. Different design and decorating trends pop out every few years, so it’s best to keep an eye out for those and to try and update your house to what’s in.

Here at HC Mutual, we believe that preserving your first property’s value can be your ticket to finding a better and more suited house for your house. Whether it be your first home or second, it’s important to keep these 5 tips in mind to ease your mind and to start your path towards financial stability.

KayaMo Home Loan can help you start your journey on owning your first home, as well as in maintaining your home’s value by helping you pay for home upgrades or renovations. As an HC Mutual member, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Easy application process
  • Access to our partners and a wide range
    of brand new homes
  • Flexibility to choose your own property
  • Payment holiday extensions
  • 1 year Accidental-Life Insurance


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